About us

Our story begins with a passion and love for antiques, in particular jewelry, because it is unique and beautiful. We carefully choose pieces that inspire and attract our clients. Since we specialize in estate jewelry, each item we deal with is unique, carrying a piece of its own history, and cannot be replaced.

The president of the company, David Segal, has been in the antique business for over twenty years. In this time, he has earned a great reputation and respect among dealers and buyers throughout the world. He has been recognized by world-renowned auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Bonhams, and others, as a prominent client and collector, dealing with high-end antiques, impressionist art, and fine jewelry. With access to notable estates, auction houses and reputable dealers, the idea was born to deliver these magnificent pieces of jewelry to our clients in a direct and easy way. And so, LueurJewelry.com was created.

“Lueur” in French means light. Indeed, our unique, high-end jewelry is like a light to be desired, illuminating, attracting and inspiring our clients, and providing them with the glow of beauty, history, and grandeur. 



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