(1RYRM00107) wave motif diamond wristband, with cabochon sapphire, ruby and emerald

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A Yellow Gold, Diamond, Ruby Sapphire and Emerald Bracelet,
This stunning bangle bracelet is crafted in solid 18K yellow gold, weighing 44 gram. Rich in color and timeless in design, elegance and sophistication is what this piece shows in every way. This piece is accented with 1 genuine cabochon ruby approx. 1.5 cts, 1 cabochon sapphires approx. 1.5 cts and 1 cabochon emerald approx. 3 cts ,  and is adorned by genuine finest quality round cut diamonds that are full of sparkle and radiance approx. 2.3ct.

Weight: 44 grams / 28.29 dwts

Wrist size is approx: 60mm Long, 48mm wide

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